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How important is your business data?

Infographic on what data to back up

Your company's data is its most valuable asset.

Think about it: what would you do without your financial or customer records?
How long could your business survive without access to the information you rely on every day?

Yet many business owners who diligently insure their businesses or property don't have a contingency plan for their data. Considering the variety of possible data threats to your business—including hard drive crashes, theft, computer viruses, software corruption, natural disasters, and even human error—your unprotected data is living on borrowed time.

The ramifications of a major data loss are so great that most companies that have the misfortune to experience it don't survive more than six months.

A business needs a much more secure and scalable solution.

Different types of backup solutions come with various risks!

Self Service Consumer Level Solutions

Many people are surprised to discover (usually too late) that out-of-the-box solutions, by default, do NOT backup all of their files…especially any that are stored outside of the default User account folders in Windows.

Online/Cloud Folders

In addition, many believe that online folders or file sharing services in the cloud are a substitute for having a data backup solution in place. Nothing could be further from the truth… and may actually create even more risk.

Portable Media

Some people backup their personal data—like music or photos—on CDs or external hard drives. But portable media used for backup are prone to failure, can be lost or stolen, and are difficult to organize and store. Plus, restoring your files can be a difficult and cumbersome process.

Onsite Data Backup Systems

Some companies have an onsite server room. But those require a hefty investment… not to mention the staff to maintain them. The capital and expertise required for onsite data storage are beyond the technical and financial capacity of most small and medium businesses. And it still doesn't solve the problem of potential theft, damage, or natural disaster.

InfoSafe is a Secure, Fast, and Inexpensive Managed & Monitored Service

  • We set it up and configure all settings
  • We monitor and manage the backup activity
  • We provide daily, proactive, reporting to you about your status
  • We assist you with any file recovery/restore needs you may require

With InfoSafe online backup, you can preserve and restore all of your files in a secure, offsite environment without a major capital investment. We even manage the setup and the maintenance for you, so you can concentrate on your business.

Our solution uses the same level of security that the top banks in the financial industry utilize for safe online banking. Your files are stored offsite in mirrored data centers located on opposite coasts. Even if your company suffers a flood, fire, or break in, you can be sure that your data is safe.

If you do experience a data disaster—for example, if your computer suddenly crashes—you'll be able to quickly restore your files. What's more, we'll even help you, so you won't have to figure out how to run the restoration yourself. Our technicians can establish a remote session with your machine to help you with your restoration.

InfoSafe online backup works both automatically and continuously, backing up files as you change them. Even if you accidentally delete a file, our system automatically saves a copy of it for you. By cutting out manual steps, we remove the possibility of human error and equipment failure. In addition, our software is compliant with even the stringent healthcare industry data standards, so you know your data is both safe and secure.

Infosafe online backup solution offers the crucial protection you need to ensure the continuity of your business. Don't leave your most valuable business assets vulnerable for another day.

InfoSafe is an extremely affordable solution that begins
at just a few dollars per month.