Work Management through Workflow Automation

Knowledgeable workers spend far too much of their workdays performing tasks that add little value (like routing work to other teammates or approvers) or could be easily performed with software (like visually validating data or comparing it to data in another document or system). FileBound Workflow eliminates these tasks, allowing valuable employees to focus on the work that really matters.

The hallmark of FileBound Workflow is its ease of use.  Designed with user experience as a top priority, the graphical, drag-and-drop configurability allows users to easily automate even the most complex processes. This outstanding usability reduces training and configuration time, making it possible to develop solutions faster and see ROI sooner.  

Workflow extends the capabilities of traditional Document Management to include:

  • Process automation that increases efficiency and improves control by enforcing corporate policies
  • Robust analytics and reporting  that drive greater visibility into process efficiency and areas for improvement, enabling users to quickly compile and visually report data.
  • Automatic import, escalations and scheduled event capability that reduce manual tasks and human error.
  • Advanced Forms capabilities, enables use beyond the connected environment via 24x7 access to Web Forms.
  • Expanded Forms Portal functionality, providing customizable configurations and unique experiences based upon use roles.
  • Improved Workflow Automation, supporting complex decision-making with new parallel, multi-routing capabilities.

Additional features of the latest FileBound include:

  • Connected capabilities, including integrated authentication, transparent data sharing, and fused integration experiences for image enablement;
  • Automated e-signature capabilities, allowing for a more robust and automated experience across a wide variety of applications.

"… FileBound moves far beyond simple document automation to support workflow processes and improve efficiencies across an increasingly global workforce," said Jon Eilers, FileBound General Manager.  "With the new release, we've taken FileBound to the next level to deliver more robust capabilities, reporting, and automation that enables extraordinary outcomes for FileBound users."



Commitment and dedication every step of the way… gets you productive fast.

Our Professional Services is committed to delivering the most value from your Workflow Solutions investment in the shortest possible time.  We have a dedicated a team to help with the successful planning, configuration, integration, launch, administration and maintenance of your Upland application.  With thousands of implementations under our belts, our certified professionals can partner with you and your organization to create a well-defined and well-executed roadmap to success.

Some of Our Service Offerings

Vision to Value

During the vision to value phase, our consultants, architects and certified partners can help lead an onsite workshop to review your vision, goals, metrics, resources and dependencies, and then map these to your unique business requirements.  The resulting outcome will be a comprehensive implementation schedule to ensure the project stays on course and meets your delivery expectations.


From turn-key to fully customized deployments, we offer deployment packages that meet your needs.

Technical Services

Our technical services can lighten your workload during the integration, installation and migration of your Workflow Solution.  We offer a range of services to make sure you get up and running quickly, including integrating to other internal, third-party and external solutions, having access to custom reports and migrating over legacy data.

Post Deployment Services

After your automated Workflow solution is launched and live, we will continue being your hands-on partner throughout the customer engagement process.  Whether it's through maintenance programs, ongoing advisory services or regular health checks, our professional consultants are always available to lend you their expertise and support.

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