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Intermountain Healthcare

Intermountain Healthcare is a nonprofit health system based in Salt Lake City, Utah, with 22 hospitals, about 1,100 employed primary care and secondary care physicians at more than 185 clinics in the Intermountain Medical Group, a broad range of clinics and services, and health insurance plans from SelectHealth. They are the largest healthcare provider in the Intermountain West, with over 33,000 employees and serving the healthcare needs of Utah and southeastern Idaho residents.

The Challenge

Until 2013, Intermountain Healthcare was very much a paper-based business in several of their departments. They were looking for a solution to reduce costs and streamline processes. Their primary goals for the solution included:

  • getting users of the system rapidly proficient at using it
  • achieving clear and immediate improvements
  • seamless integration into the existing environment
  • minimizing the need for technology services and software purchases

The Solution

Intermountain Healthcare chose to integrate Virtual Twain™ from ScanPoint to help them minimize the impact of hardcopy paper on their business.

Mr. Geoffrey Duke, Director, Imaging Information Systems at Intermountain Healthcare, implemented over 100 end-user licenses of ScanPoint, Inc.'s Virtual Twain™. This solution was put in place to save time and paper.

Now the radiology department utilizes a central fax server to receive all patient requests. The faxes are then distributed to a local directory. The end user from their work station will see the PDF file and will then send it to their GE Centricity™ software.  Once the file is moved it is removed from the local directory automatically.

Virtual TWAIN™ allows you to utilize many models of network‐capable Copier/Printer/Scanner Multi‐Function Devices (MFDs) as a "virtual scanner" connected to every workstation in the office. Using an MFD as a traditional TWAIN scanner can be a very inefficient process: you have to walk documents to the device, load them, come back to your workstation, initiate the scan (hope it doesn't jam), go back and get the documents, and then return to index/process them. That may work if the MFD is right next to your computer… but if it is across the room or down the hall, it just is not effective or efficient.

Virtual TWAIN allows you to first scan the documents to a network location using your MFD, and then later acquire them into a TWAIN‐enabled application on your workstation as if they had just been locally scanned. Scans are Pushed to a network location from the MFD, and then Pulled into an application by Virtual TWAIN. That application could be EasyFile, Microsoft Word, Outlook or virtually any other third‐party business app -as long as it supports TWAIN.

Compare the cost of Virtual TWAIN, which allows you to better utilize existing hardware, to the cost of purchasing new desktop scanners to enable more of your users to perform scanning functions – the savings potential speaks for itself.

The Virtual TWAIN driver truly revolutionizes your scanning potential. Not only does it let you use your central Multi-Function Device (copy machine) as a Virtual Scanner attached to each workstation, it also will allow you to virtually scan, via TWAIN, from most common image file formats (TIFs, JPGs, GIFs, etc) -- regardless of image source. In addition, Virtual TWAIN provides useful image manipulation abilities such as Blank Page Drop-Out, Border Removal, Force Black- and-White, Deskew, Despeckle, and more!


Virtual TwainMr. Duke indicated that it is 15 times faster to use ScanPoint's Virtual Twain™ software than having to print and scan all the requests that they get for the radiology department. They service 1.5 million patients between 22 hospitals and have saved the need to generate over 500 thousand pages of paper. At a conservative estimated average cost of $0.10 per page that relates to an estimated annual savings of $50,000!

Geoff stated "this application has provided an almost immediate return on investment."

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